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Hsin Foong Manufacturer Sdn. Bhd.

Our Factory

Manufacturing Furniture

Since 1990

The story of Hsin Foong is much more than the history of a furniture company and a family. It reflects the history of our region and our country, and it has directly shaped the history of a community built over 20 years.

Hsin Foong Manufacturer is a privately owned family business that was established in 1990. Prior to the establishment, the owners of Hsin Foong had accumulated over 15 years of experience in the furniture-manufacturing world. Since the beginning, Hsin Foong has understood the value of exclusivity, and till this day still work closely with our clients to ensure a high level of integrity.

For more than 20 years, Hsin Foong has worked closely with some of the top importers of furniture in the United States, Europe, and Russia, and continues to serve these customers today.


Our Mission

Quality, Quality, Quality.

Hsin Foong aims at providing superior quality furniture to retailers and importers all around the world through life-long dedication and commitment. Our never ending commitment towards quality and improvement has enabled the company to meet expectation of customers both locally and internationally.

As a privately owned business, we strive to produce uniquely designed furniture that caters to any customer that wants to work with us. A company founded on the core principle of manufacturing, we are ready and available to answer and assist you in any questions and concerns you may have.

At Hsin Foong, we make sure that every employee maintains the highest level of values at all times. We emphasize respect for everyone we come in contact with, dedication to hard work, and loyalty to our customers and our company.

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